Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Updated Planting List for March 4

After searching through some containers, that I save seeds in, I found packet upon packet of seeds that had never been opened or were opened last season. This is the updated list of what I will be giving writ ting about Friday; this is not the total list of what will go into our garden. I tried to purchase seeds that were heirlooms and could be saved for the following season. I hope that I am able to teach readers more about plants, what possibly could every other blog out there already provide? I will try and provide another view of gardening. Since our garden is in Georgia we battle against drought ,nutrient loss, and clay that can cause big messes; I will try and provide help with these problems that I personaly use to cope with these problems and others. Now onto this Friday's list:

Basil: Sweet

Brussels Sprouts: Catskill


Echinacea: Purpurea

Lavender: Lavendula Vera

Parsley: Extra Triple Curled

Pepper: Red Cheese & Grand Bell Mix

Poppy: Mother of Pearl

Tomato: Brandywine, Campbell's, Emerald Evergreen, Missouri Pink Love Apple, & Pink Brandywine

~We will be butchering the first of two hogs probably this week, I will try and provide some recipes of what we do with the meat; such as salting ham(country ham), sausage, and other southern greats. Because of ethical reasons there will be no pictures of the slaughtering itself, but there maybe kitchen shots that have more than what some may be used to; I will try and censor. The post will be about what we create with the meat.
This is one of the hogs, late October 2010.

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