Gardening in the mountains can be difficult with clay that puddles after a good rain and bought of dry spells that can wipe out all of your efforts. I grew up running beneath cornstalks that arched late in the Summer when the green beans got out of control. I know gardening and I know how to find help when I find the occasional mishap has occurred. Hopefully you will be assisted by these articles I post; I post them as a guide for you and as memory book for me. Thank you for stopping by and God bless you and your gardens.

 Snow Pea blossom

 Amethyst Azalea, I live in Rhodandrea-Ville. Summers are beautiful because of the blooms of these bushes.

 Portulaca, aka Mossy Rose

 Swallowtail Caterpillar, My Parsley began to disappear last year and I found these. Aren't they pretty.

 Impatiens & Petunias.

The Easter Tale, Pink Dogwoods and White Dogwoods bloom around mid April.


What Inspires My Gardening Habits:
Monticello, Benjamin Franklin's Home Gardens near Stanton, Virginia.

I visited Monticello June 2009, the grounds were in the middle of their growth and beautiful.

The home has a certain scientific method to it. Jefferson was very percise with hid building of the house and the design of the grounds.

I want to try this typee method for my beans, they grow scarlet runner beans. I purchased a packet of these from Bakers Creek Seed Company this year.

Everything is placed in short compact rows, very neat and tidy.

To the right of the path going through the herb and vegetable garden were heads of lettuce.