Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Divide & Pot Calla Lilies & Other Rhizome Plants

Rhizomes are plant bulbs that are flat in shape and very bulbous in size, a typical example of a rhizome is ginger. Ginger is the bulb of a tropical plant, mainly found in Hawaii, Asia, and the Philapens. Plants that you may know that have rhizome bulbs may include Irises and Calla Lilies. Rhizome, like other bulb forms, are perennial bases for plants, so they come back each spring or summer.

You walk outside and find this, a weedy mess. There is also a few plants emerging that must not be cut down: Calla lilies. Here is a tutorial on divide and pot rhizome based plants.

1. Dig a wide base around the plant so not to damage the rhizome and delicate roots.

2. Remove non-desired plant debris including the roots of said debris. Do this gently.

3. After cleaning and sprucing the plant remove inspect the roots for any infestation of bugs or root.

3. Remove the secondary plants that have budded from the parent plant, make sure it has its own rhizome and roots intact.

4. Choose a pot to plant secondary plants that are large enough to retain water and have no need transplant the plant any time soon. Fill to the top with light airy potting soil.

5. Dig a deep hole into the soil that can support the plant base
 and wide enough to allow room for the roots.

6. Some roots may be very long, gently coil the around the base loosely.

7. Gently press the soil down firmly and position the plant as straight and natural as possible. Water thoroughly to settle the dirt and eliminate any air pockets.

8. Replant the parent plant add new mulch and water very generously until the plant is reestablished in the soil.

9. Within a month or so you'll have extra pretty plants like these to give away to friends.
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Clean and Fresh Spring

Spring has a sense of freshness, a sense of renewing. This is the time of year people clean their homes, exchange their wardrobes for dukes and t-shirts, and celebrate a new warmth of the Earth. God renews the world with the use of Spring, its crisp and vibrant feel. Spring reminds you that you are alive and that you are here for a purpose.

I have a few pots of Iris that have been in their pots for a few years, this is the first and only pot to bloom in nearly three years.

I would love to be a honey bee, the chance to smell these sweet flowers all day long would be wonderful; but, the whole living for one year is not the greatest thought though.

Do you happen to know hat this bush is? I have researched and pondered its species. It grows to over 10 feet tall and the blossoms have four white petals. Please leave your thoughts in the ramblings below.

The Sequoia strawberries are looking cute, even for an unripe berry.

The field ferns are emerging along the shaded parts of the field and around the house.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Lizards Can't Swim

I have never been able to catch up to a lizard as it slithered to and fro around the permiter of the house. There is always at least one pretty and gleaming lizard bathing on the front steps during the Summer. Those things are fast. Last week when a storm came through a lizard wash washed into one of the rainbarels and I spotted it by chance. Lizards can't swim.

This is  one of our rainbarels, it isn't realy a barrel but it serves its purpose. The little lizard fell in here and I fished it out.

It sat on the ledge for a long while as I wathced for it to move.

If lizards can swim, the shedding tail hendered this one from swimming.

It shed the tail when it finaly slithered off into a pile of leaves to continue to coperate.

See the little bugger breathing, he's alive. Yeah!

Somethings Just Go On

I planned for weeks to go on a trip to the 83rd Georgia State FFA Convention held in Macon, Georgia. I had not planned on worrying about my family and celebrating a death. I am from Catoosa County, Georgia; the town that declared a state of emergency after a tornado went through I-75 and the heart of the town. The majority of my family lives in Ringgold and I left for Macon Thursday crying in fear. I received the all's okay call Friday evening when partial cell service returned to the area, everyone is okay and spared by God's graces.

You probably never heard of celebrating a death, but our country was thrust into a war when I was really young. I haven't known an America free from war, maybe soon I will. Osama bin Laden was killed by a American troops in a mansion in Pakistan a few hours ago; I celebrate within because of the hope that the world may feel some peace. God bless those who lost loved ones because of hatred.

Now onto happier news: FFA State Convention.

For three days I watched and walked on this stage, as members received rewards for their achievements this past year. I have been a proud FFA member for 5 years and an alumni member for one. The FFA has helped mold and bring out what I could only dream of.

I never thought I would wear blue corduroy again, I did this past weekend. The FFA official dress displays this proud emblem on the back, each component standing for something good.

Cross section of corn stands for unity. The plow for hard work. The owl for the wisdom of our advisors and leaders. Rising sun for honour. Eagle for America. The component go on, this emblem will continue to be strong.

I did receive a state proficiency plack and I was stoked to receive it.

This is the first view I had of the destruction caused by the tornados. This was taken in near Forsyth, Georgia. The tornado nearly wiped out a one mile section of forest along both sides of I-75.

Below is a video of the damage, sorry for the speed we were going about 70 mph.

God showed his power and that he is still in control this past week . I hope that you may be kept safe and within the embrace of God.