Monday, May 2, 2011

Lizards Can't Swim

I have never been able to catch up to a lizard as it slithered to and fro around the permiter of the house. There is always at least one pretty and gleaming lizard bathing on the front steps during the Summer. Those things are fast. Last week when a storm came through a lizard wash washed into one of the rainbarels and I spotted it by chance. Lizards can't swim.

This is  one of our rainbarels, it isn't realy a barrel but it serves its purpose. The little lizard fell in here and I fished it out.

It sat on the ledge for a long while as I wathced for it to move.

If lizards can swim, the shedding tail hendered this one from swimming.

It shed the tail when it finaly slithered off into a pile of leaves to continue to coperate.

See the little bugger breathing, he's alive. Yeah!

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