Monday, May 2, 2011

Somethings Just Go On

I planned for weeks to go on a trip to the 83rd Georgia State FFA Convention held in Macon, Georgia. I had not planned on worrying about my family and celebrating a death. I am from Catoosa County, Georgia; the town that declared a state of emergency after a tornado went through I-75 and the heart of the town. The majority of my family lives in Ringgold and I left for Macon Thursday crying in fear. I received the all's okay call Friday evening when partial cell service returned to the area, everyone is okay and spared by God's graces.

You probably never heard of celebrating a death, but our country was thrust into a war when I was really young. I haven't known an America free from war, maybe soon I will. Osama bin Laden was killed by a American troops in a mansion in Pakistan a few hours ago; I celebrate within because of the hope that the world may feel some peace. God bless those who lost loved ones because of hatred.

Now onto happier news: FFA State Convention.

For three days I watched and walked on this stage, as members received rewards for their achievements this past year. I have been a proud FFA member for 5 years and an alumni member for one. The FFA has helped mold and bring out what I could only dream of.

I never thought I would wear blue corduroy again, I did this past weekend. The FFA official dress displays this proud emblem on the back, each component standing for something good.

Cross section of corn stands for unity. The plow for hard work. The owl for the wisdom of our advisors and leaders. Rising sun for honour. Eagle for America. The component go on, this emblem will continue to be strong.

I did receive a state proficiency plack and I was stoked to receive it.

This is the first view I had of the destruction caused by the tornados. This was taken in near Forsyth, Georgia. The tornado nearly wiped out a one mile section of forest along both sides of I-75.

Below is a video of the damage, sorry for the speed we were going about 70 mph.

God showed his power and that he is still in control this past week . I hope that you may be kept safe and within the embrace of God.


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