Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pastel Button & Thread Cake

This cake is pear-y, the cake is french vanilla and pear, with pear preserve buttercream filling, covered in vanilla buttercream, and covered again in marshmallow fondant. The main tutorial in this  post is how to make fondant buttons.

Mix of buttercream and fresh pear preserves, yummy!

Fondant Buttons:
1/4 Marshmallow Fondant Recipe
1 Large Icing Tip (Ex: Wilton 2A)
1 Regular Icing Tip (Ex: Wilton 2)
Toothpick or Tappered Dowel
Pastry/Fondant Mat
Metal Spatula
Clear Vanilla Extract
Small Food Grade Brush
Pearl Shimmer Dust (Optional)

Smear shortening on pastry mat, roll fondant 1/4 thick. Cut out shapes using large tip.

Slightly indent the middle of the fondant circles with a regular sized icing tip. 

Press lightly, you don't want to puncture all the way through.

Invert the tip and puncture the middle with holes, two or four are realistic. Use toothpick to remove the little bits.

With leftover fondant from the first batch I mixed it to create a tie-dye effect.

So spring like!

Realistic, right?

Use the clear vanilla extract, as a glue, to adhere the buttons onto the cake.

Plain and dull.

Now mix pearl shimmer dust with vanilla extract and paint the buttons for a shinny finished look.

I used leftover buttercream tinted purple with gel icing to create thread stitch pattern to pull the whole theme and idea together.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's! I don't really like Valentine's day, since apprenticing in a florist shop ruined me on commercial overload, a church sign on my way home reminded me to celebrate God's love. I hope you can remember today as not a day of commerce, but a day of dedication to Christ's love.

As my Valentine's Day gift to you here is the Strawberry Cake with Nutella & Homemade Vanilla Buttercream covered in homemade MMF (Marshmallow Fondant) as a happy inspiration of sweetness!

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Bad Storm: A Gracious God

A strong storm came though the North Georgia Mountains this past Wednesday and I am greatly appreciative to God for sparing our lives. The damage we received was not as serve as it could have been, but none the less we would appreciate prayers for our homes. I hope that you are all safe and healthy. In the coming week, when our power is back on (I'm at work now), I hope to post about a special cake and what's popping up in the garden beds.

Downed power lines are currently a big issue, this one is draped across the back porch. Yikes!