Monday, March 28, 2011

Everything, but the Kitchen Sink. So I'll Throw In the Bathroom Sink: Garden Edition

I love putting things together that do not naturally belong together. Decorations in my home consist of vintage coke bottles and Kerr jars as vases, plates as cake stands, and barn stars a-million. Outside there are headboards, a chair, a toilet, pots & pans, and even a bathroom sink. These objects may seem like my yard looks like a junkyard; but, the artistic twist I use makes these objects into beautiful plant holders and decorations. There is not much reason to pay $20 for a plant holder when you could recycle items from a thrift store, yard sale, or from your own home remodel. A can of spray paint in a striking color can also help improve the look of a recycled plant holder. Now I challenge you to try this and feel free to take inspiration from a few of my items.

This chair was found pre-painted at a thrift store. Someone had a some kinda idea when they painted it and didn't know what to do with it. A plant stand in the center hold up the heavy clay pot holding a two year old white Phlox. Phlox grows great in large pot and come back early, also smells very sweet. Spring has only been around for one week and it has already grown so big.

This is a light yellow sink that came out of the bathroom. The house is old so what came out during the remodel was also old. Sinks are perfect since the come with their own drainage hole and can be moved out of intense heat. I planted a small Hosta in it last year and it has come up again. The Hosta began growing about ten days ago.

I love the variegated stripes on this Hosta. Right now it is in a good bit of sun, so later in the Summer I will be able to move it into the shade so it doesn't burn. It will be so pretty.

Here is the toilet I mentioned earlier, this time you can see the whole deal. A Mustang Daylily is growing in the bowl and when frost passes I will put impatiens in the water reservoir. The toilet has light mulching at the bottom with red cedar chips. I poured a bag of pebbles into the bowl last year to provide good drainage and to use less soil. 

The Daylily is compact enough to not smother in the bowl and can grow into the pebbles. The toilet does not get water-logged, no plunger required, because on the pebbles. I have never seen the Daylily bloom; but, that is because I left it in its tiny pot until it died down, then I moved the bulb to the bowl.

This headboard came off of my old twin size bed I grew out of a few years back, it was 5 feet long and I am over 5 feet tall so I got a lot of head bumps. We took the headboard and base board off, both identical, and placed one in front of the Gladiolus and Four O'clock bush(hasn't came up yet.) I used the metal mesh part that hold the mattress and the board together as a trellis. I will show more about the trellis that will support my peas, which have started to emerge today.

The board is simple; but, it will provide a sturdy brace for heavy blooms and still be a pretty background for the blooms that are pink/white and peach/rose.

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