Saturday, March 12, 2011


I began to notice tomatoes sprouting, it has only been a week. There are still no peppers, but it is okay since peppers are slow anyway. It is important to keep the soil warm and moist, this will simulate an indoor spring. Yesterday I planted Brussels Sprouts and will plant Echinacea today.
We did butcher one of the hogs, I wasn't present because I had courses that day. I will try and be present at the next one and show how we put up the meat. Most of it is being salt cured (half is being sugar cured and the other half is plain salt cured.) We made sausage and pattied it yesterday, we freeze it along with the tenderloin. I am just trying to tell you that you should try and produce your own meat and not rely on antibiotic and steroid infused meat. Even if you can't raise your own livestock, just buy local and ask questions about what your buying.
Lastly, I know a few have started following and I just want to know what do you want to see on here, what interests y'all? Just email or leave a comment.
Have a beautiful and warm weekend.

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