Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stormy Evenings of Spring

We have recieved a few showers on and off; but, the wind is what really got us. It gets real warm in the day, aroud 78 or higher, and the cool of evenings cause some pretty mighty storms. Before the first set of rain clouds came in I took some pictures of a few more colorful pieces around our flower garden.

I found a few large patches of Birdsfoot Violets in the woods.

I replanted purple and white Birdsfoot Violet into a few clay pot to add color to some pretty barren spots.

They are perfect plants for cold nights when other plants would crumple and freeze to-death.

The wind knowed alot of pine cones down to the ground. I wanted to take a picture of all the Dandelion seed heads; but, the wind took those away to.

Finaly the clouds began to pour and what did I do?

I let the clouds water my tomatoes for me, they are strong enough to withstand a little rain and wind.

This post was added to a blog hop, kinda like a sock hop; but, the poodle skirts have goats and chickens on them. Dandelions House Home Arts was today's host.


I have also posted on the Farm Friend Friday at Verde Farm. Hop over there now to view beautiful and funny pictures of the interesting creatures they raise.


  1. The Birdsfoot violet is so pretty. Your tomatoes are doing well!

    happy day!

  2. Your violets are so pretty! Did you see the recipe for violet and dandelion jelly on the hop today? Looks yummy!
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Thank you marcia. Deborah Jean I did see the violet jelly recipe and I just might make some once it dries up outside. A very loud storm came through around 4am and is still here. Thank you both for being my first ramblers.

  4. So pretty--I love violets. So glad you joined up with Farm Friend Friday too :)

  5. Love the flowers. We don't have any around here yet.