Monday, April 11, 2011

Princess's Bed as a Pea Trellis

"The Princess and the Pea" was not told as much when I grew up; because, Disney princess were all the rage: Aurora, Ariel, and so on. Peas are a vavorite of mine and a jar of them can be put in anything as a serving of delicious vegetables. When the time frame came for peas to be planted about two weeks ago, I planted a tester bathc of Wando Garden Peas purchased from Baker Creek this Winter. For my test batch I need a test trellis, one that is sturdy and easily installed. My answer to this was a bed frame that we had just dismantled from my old twin bed. In the South we are taught to reuse items and repurpose them for good, my objective is to do this tastefully and productivly. Here is my was of doing things.

Peas grow great inour Georgia clay; when the rocks are removed. Since this frame trellis can bear a lot of weight (I should know) and tall, I planted more seeds than necessary. There is a row on the outer facing side and one on the inner, two peas per hole, and 36 plants total.

With lots of Spring showers I don't only get May flowers; but, early and healthy peas.

It is ture, clay is the perfect medium for peas. Clay is rich in nutrients and cooler than other soils.

This is a pead pod from last year. The pea plant was grown in a pot of plain potting soil; hopefully, this year's larger crop, in clay, will yield darker pods with more peas.


Happy Monday!


  1. I love this idea!! Darling, too! Thanks for sharing and linking up to the barn hop!

  2. Super cute idea! I love fun things like this..

  3. I also live in GA and am planting peas and snap peas, I planted them last year and oh they grew and grew....I love the old bed frame idea awesome! I'm just putting up some extra wire fence we had