Monday, April 4, 2011

Bulbous Munchers & Aliens

You spend good money on flowering bulbs and have beautiful effects the following season. Sometimes. This is what I should be seeing in my flower beds in the back yard; but, you don't always get what you payed for. It is not always a poor bulb, maybe it is something else.

This is not a type I planted, this is tulip at a nearby garden. Well this is what I should be seeing, get the picture.

 This is what I have been seeing for the past few weeks. Pretty, yes?

Close-up you can see the damage caused from teeth marks. No, I am not on a tulip diet. It just happens that the White-Tailed Deer have returned. I love knowing that they have returned, after being attacked by my neighbors dog for the past four years or so. Now the said dog has ran away and it only took a few weeks for the deer to return and find a new selection of flowers to eat.

The tulips are not the only bulbs to suffer. My Elephants Ear bulb has been consumed by some underground varmint, maybe the ne below did it.

The tulips are not the only bulbs to suffer. My elephants ear bulb has een consumed by some underground varmint, maybe the owner of this little hutch did it. These holes have been sinking around.

Aliens are attacking my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what I found while clearing some brush by the house. The clay there is really soft and drains well because off the rich organic matter that has broken down over the years. I have these vicious spiny and thorny vines growing under my house and they have made their way from under the house, by way of these bulbs. I pulled on one in the soft soil and it came free, this was attached to the base.

It has arms, a face with a snout, and body. Can you identify the species?

 It has spikes on its tails like the vine. If only the before mentioned Elephant Ear had spike to deter the underground varmints.

What "aliens & munchers" do you have in your garden?

Happy Monday y'all!

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