Sunday, January 9, 2011

When It Snows, You Get Work Done

For about seven months I would visit a local farm and show one of their heifer's. The farm was beside a road leading into the deep mountains in North Georgia and quite beautiful year round. Last February had been a very busy month for me when I was in school, I exhibited cattle and sheep at shows in Georgia. During one of my last visits to the farm and one of the coldest. The farm owners son showed two beautiful Angus heifers also, since we kept our cattle together we went to the same shows. The Georgia Junior Livestock Show & Rodeo was in a few day and we had to groom our animals for show. We prepared to wash the heifers as the sky decided to snow.

This is toward the begining of the snow fall.Over the years of being outside during the cold I have developed an imunization to cold, to a point. Even though it snowed we continued to wash each animal and tried our best to free them from the muck of the barnyard. Oncw we finished our task I took a lot of satisfaction that I was able to manage to walk on the already freezing ground. I also took satisfation the following days at the fair.

Here is the result a clean and profesionaly groomed heifer that placed fourth in her division.
It was events like washing a cow in the snow, losing a boot to a barnyard full of muck, and the sight of a heifer with her first calf that I learned that I wanted to be a cattle farmer. I started college last Fall and I hope to achieve my first degree, an associate degree of Agriculture & Natural Science from Dalton State College.

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