Monday, January 10, 2011

And We Have Snow

Around one last night the snow blew in, just what I had been waiting for. We got over ten inches of snow and way over a foot in spots. So far my classes have been closed until tomorrow, but there is now way we can get off this back road. While a chicken roasted in the oven I went outside with the dogs. It is wonderful how aging dogs act like puppies in the snow.

Pookie was had been abandoned on our road when she was a pup. I was around seven or eight at the time and brought her to our house after playing in the mud. She became a quick addition to our home. This winter has been a cold one for her, but she is more inclined to play in the snow more than Deci.

Deci had also been abandoned on our road when she was about full term with a litter of pups. She had been passed around by neighbors up until she gave birth.

Our home is placed upon a pretty decently sloped hill. When it rains water runs from a pasture behind our home into the bottom of the hill and forms a swift stream and sometimes a creek. A wooden mattress frame had been left in the woods at the base of the hill and Deci found this a perfect place to have her pups. That summer the remnants of a hurricane slightly flooded the county. It wasn't until a swift creek built in momentum that we discovered she had given birth in the woods under the wooden frame. We quickly followed her into the woods after the frame had slipped and trapped her puppies in the temporary creek. Since I was the smallest I had to crawl under and pull the nearly drowned pups from under the frame. She had given birth to eight puppies; one female, seven males. After that day she never left our family.

Deci has now gone through mammary tumor surgery, suffers from arthritis, and continues to dislike anything that even sounds remotely like a creek. Anytime the water feeder gurgles she runs away afraid.

Both dogs are aged, but dearly loved and protective of us. What does you dog or pet mean mean to you?

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  1. Stopping by from the blog hop. Neat blog and great story about your beautiful dogs. We have four cats who were abandoned on various roads and two silly dogs. :) Looking forward to getting a peek into your progress with your studies.