Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Walk Through the Woods & the Story of the Passion Flower

There are many things to see when walking through the woods. This evening I took a short walk to look for new blackberry patches; I found some great berries and a few other beautiful things.

 Passion flowers are often seen along the sides of roads and in overgrown fields. They grow as vines and bear sweet fruits.

 God defiantly put a lot of detail into the Passion Flower, which will only bloom for one day. After a little searching I found a neat story behind the plant similar to the story of the Dogwood. The Passion Flower story was created to describe the days before and during Christ's Crucifixion.

*The ten petals stand for the ten apostles of Christ that were loyal to Christ, excluding the other two Judas and Peter whom betrayed Christ.
*The tendrils of the vine represent the whips that were used to beat Christ before his Crucifixion.
*The row of filaments represent the crown of thorns shoved upon Christ's head.
*The three stigmas represent the three nails and the five anthers stand for the five wounds Christ received (four nail wounds and one from a lance.)
*Lastly, the colors represent purity and heaven.

Crumpled wood most likely deteriorated by a wood pecker or old age.

Beautiful un-ripe jewels, soon o become blackberry jelly. 

Butterfly Weed is a type of Milkweed that attracts many butterflies and other beautiful flying creatures. These are commonly seen along the back roads just like Passion Flowers.

Queen Anne's Lace is a beautiful fluff flower that umbrellas bugs and protects them.

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  1. Hi dirt road girl.... Loved the walk in the woods and the commentary! I thought those were raspberries at first!