Monday, October 7, 2013

Good Bye Summer!

I never liked summer, it's way to hot in the south. There is one good thing about summer: flowers! Here are a few of the new mainstays in our garden that I can't wait to see again next year. Tonight is our first cold night and fall has began to really set in; daffodils are in the ground and pansies soon will be, too.

Red: Dahlia & White: Nicotina

Toad Lily given to me by a local greenhouse, the owner had never seen one before and the plant was very root bound. Once I placed it in a three gallon container from a one gallon container this plant exploded and was covered in these unique blooms.

A type of blue rose that is not blue, I have totally blanked on the name.

My new butterfly bushes actually attracted butterflies!!!

The first time I've ever seen a Hen & Chicks plant bloom, I've had this plant for a few years now.

Beautiful mushrooms were abundant this year with all the rain we received.

Passion flowers with tasty fruit to follow.

Double daylilies were a real surprise when I received this unnamed daylily earlier this spring.

Mustang daylilies bloomed for the first time since planting them three years ago.

Yummy Chanterelle mushrooms in the woods

Queen Anne's Lace getting ready to bloom.

Winged Summac

Cosmos which eventually rotted in the rain soaked clay.

Salvia, a very popular plant to the hummingbirds.

Red Asiatic Lily

Beautiful Lantana

White Drift Rose

A wild, strongly scented pale pink rose.

Snow-on-the-Mountain, now if that kind of name doesn't summon ideas of what's ahead.

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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