Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stink Bugs on the Loose

Smelly Situations begin with a terrible problem that you just can not solve in time. Around 1998 an Asian shipping crate is said to have brought a little critter along with the cargo; the critter being Stink Bugs. Stink Bugs have now over wintered in the south and are emerging with great vigor. This year they have already began to destroy crops right and left. Have you noticed these:

The above picture is a deceased bug that I just had to kill. The damage they have been causing has been tremendous to our newly started plants that are ready for transplanting.

Here is proof of the damage. Stink bugs suck the sap from plants causing decay. The decaying location will be partly orange to brown. The eggs of the stink bug will be on the under side of the plant, they are globular to oblong gold specks about the size of a ball point pen ball.

If you find these bugs you should pick them off the plant while wearing gloves, yes they do stink. Place the bugs in a solution of acetone and seal the jar, the bug will die soon after being sealed in the jar. Eggs are best burned until they pop like popcorn from their hulls, this is the only solution I have discovered to eradicate these insects.

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  1. I agree with you, stink bugs infested in our vegetable garden and during at night they flew into our lamps and I hate their nasty scent.